Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sour Orange Festival

Down here in Lakeport, Florida they have trees growing, they are Sour Orange Trees, they been here forever, theres not many left as they were replaced by the sweeter Orange Trees, so every year they have their "Sour Orange Festival"

There were a lot of people here today, there were vendors, booths for food, displays and also interesting things to see and "SOUR ORANGE PIE" !!!

I  enjoyed this ole girl that came down from Kentucky on all 4 cylinders !!!

There was Bluegrass, Gospel and we got to watch some very good cloggers !

There were also the younger youth that were learning to clog and they were delightful to watch and cheer on.

We could have had chicken on a stick, or sausage, french fries, or other foods but we went for the main event, we had the special "Bar-B-Q " Ribs, coleslaw, fried potatoes and hush puppies and sweet tea,  all very good.

We were a well fed happy Couple !!

After eating we went and got our slice of "Sour Orange Pie",  I had never had it before and was expecting something sour, wrong, this was a very delicious, smooth, creamy texture p[ie and if they had not sold out I would have bought a pie to take home.  All in all it was a great day !!


Paula said...

Another great festival. Growing up we had an orange tree that grew bitter oranges and they were the size of lemons. We had a lemon tree that the lemons were the size of grapefruit and they were bitter too. The pie you mentioned sounds interesting.

salemslot9 said...

I like picture of
lil sour orange face

jack69 said...

Well what an enjoyable day report. That girl looks happy inspite of being with you!!! hahaha

Y'all went to the Gator festival, one I had never heard of now I also never heard of the sour Orange Fesitval.

But you made the pie sound VERY good!

Love from up here.