Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter is COLD


It has been different so far this winter, we started out with no snow, then just before Christmas we got cold and snow, then in January we got our January Thaw as usual and the snow melted and lots of green grass, now it is cold, it was only 9 above this morning  and so far today has not gotten abobe 15 degrees, gonna get cold.

We are still up North, Anna Mae has developed some Heart problems, she is much too young for this, she was in the Emergency Room, then the Hospital on monitors, IV's and had some medications changed,  she now has on a 30 day monitor for awhile, it records issues and sends them to the Hospital thru a phone line.
One option is going to Syracuse to St. Joes and have to have ambulation which means a wire into the heart to look around or possible having other procedures such as a Pacemaker.   Hopefully it will be just some Medication changes. 

This winter is not like last winter, we have more snow now than they got all last winter.
My Toshiba Laptop is slowly Dying, it will not let me upload pictures to my Blog, I ordered 2 "Dell" Laptops, I still have my Dell Tower I bought in 2001 and it still works so l am going back to "Dells" , 1 for me and 1 for Anna Mae.
Hope everyone is enjoying the Winter and staying Warm.
Please Pray for us as we enter a 2nd Term with Obama as President, also please pray for us in New York State as our Idiot Governor has signed a new "Assault Rifle" Bill,.

Please keep our Veterans in your Prayers!!!   


jack69 said...

Thanks for the good read and update. sorry t hear about sweet Anna's problems, Praying that all works out for the BEST for ANNA!

Also sorry you guys didn't make it down to Chobee, hopefully, NEXT YEAR.

This knee jerk reaction is again driving a wedge, I am hoping someone will realize it is not the gun. If a deranged person wants to kill he will. All you have to do is look at OK City.

Anyway the best to you guys!!!

Helen said...

Prayers for Anna Mae.