Tuesday, June 21, 2016

OUCH !!!!

Had a great camping trip, got home, relaxed, went out saturday and puttered around the Garden 
and when I bent over I heard a CRACK and POP
 in my back, I streched and worked it out 
and thought nothing of it !!
Sunday morning, Fathers day at 1AM my back
 locked up, severe pain, tried ice paks and heat pads but by 5 am pain was unbearable, off to 
the Emergency Room we went, me being unable to do nothing but moan and groan!!!
 ER Room in hospital at 5AM, X-Rays and Cat Scans and contrast dye in spine and heavy duty pain killers and I have a bad back, Hell, I knew I had a bad back, The Doctor said I must of twisted just right to cause the spasm and lock up.
Kept me for a day, sent me home with some pain killers and am doing much better, I cn walk now, I am wearing a "Back Brace" but not the way I wanted to spend Fathers Day.
OH well, gonna try to go and Play at the Nursing Home tonight and see how we do.
. Hope everyone is doing well, we got a terrible storm last night with 2 inches of rain and today the temps are 70's and cool.


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jack69 said...

Okay dude, you gotta quit this crap. YOu even scared me seeing you in a hospital bed! Knock it off and take care of 'THY SELF!'. Hope you are skipping high soon, but being careful with "THEM TWISTING" motions.

Do take care of yourself, and hope you are completely better soon and camping.

Love from down in North CArolina.
PS: Yep, some of you old folk got to entertain the rest of us!!