Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Road Bump

Sometimes when we are going right along we hit a Bump in the rad that slows us down,  Well, I did just that,  Going along with the flow of things on Wednesday, I went to bed at 10pm, I was having pounding heart and chest pain again, Following Dr. Ashrafs prior orders for such occasions,  I took my Metotoporol 25mg and shortly I took a Nitro Tab under the tongue.  pulse and blood pressure things quieted down, Thursday Morning I woke up called the Cardiologist like I am supposed to do and he had me come in to office.
I had an EKG and was sent to the Emergency room next door, Calls were made to Syracuse at St. Joes Hospital and I was accepted as they had an open bed on Cardiac Floor,  ambulance was called and I was rushed down to St. Josephs Hospital in Syracuse.  I say rushed but this trip by Ambulance is about a 1 hour trip!!!!
At the hospital I was put on more blood thinners, given an IV of Antibiotics, and put to bed,  My Honey was there and also settled in for the night on the couch in the room.

Friday morning I was taken into the Heart Catheraziation Room, Dr. Caputo and his 5 member staff of Nurses and Techs then went into the Heart with a camera thru my Arm Vein and looked for the problem.  All the heart stents were checked and other areas also.
The problem is I now have a Myocardial "Branch",   heart muscle has grown around the Lower Anterior Decending Artery, I was brought back to the room I was given a new medication to relax this area of the Heart Muscle and 8 hours later I was home relaxing.

Now I have to let the new medication work and take it easy. 
Sitting here in the Chair I looked out the window and standing outside watching me were 4 deer.
We have fresh 6 inches of new snow,  this is great as it is now Maple Sugar season!!!.
Well, time for dinner, bowl of Rice Crispies and slice of toast and Herbal Chaga Tea.
Don't forget, remember our Vets !



jack69 said...

Hey mate, knock this stuff off, change course, pick another road!

BUT, but so glad the SENT you home. Now listen to the SMART good looking lady and try to be good!

Prayers and best of thoughts from Central Florida!

Science IT and Leisure said...

have a great day.