Saturday, April 6, 2019

Warming up !

Today got all the ay up to 55 degrees and sunshine !!!   We are losing snow !!!!   Today I went outside and refilled the Bird Feeders, we had several days of high winds and rain and the feed got knocked out of the feeders .
Yellow feeders full of Thistle and Sunflower seed, Ground Corn, mullet scattered on ground,  The suet feeders back by tree was re filled.  Had birds in about 10 minutes,   Juncos, Sparrows, Nut Hatches, Cardinals and Cow Birds and "Squirrels" !!!!.
Right now it is 43 degrees, cool but still have  "Daylight in the Swamps" !
Have to go tune Guitar and Mandolin and practice tomorrows songs, Playing up at an Episcopal Church in Lowville in the Morning !
Don't forget, Remember our Vets !

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jack69 said...

Glad you are seeing much better weather. I see you have Mr. Policeman in the window for protection. I like it!
Take care and hug her close.
sending Love north,
Sherry & jack