Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The Leaves are sure changing fast, the adirondack Mountains have places that are past Peak Foilage, this picture is in our side yard here.
This morning it was 29, had to scrape the car windows to see to get to the Legion and had to drag out my old Mackinaw to keep warm.
Well I'm ready to celebrate the Navy's 233 Birthday saturday, so far we have 124 deceased names to be read at the "2-Bell Ceremony" and I have my ducks all in a row!!!!

I have the "beans" soaking now for "Navy Bean Soup" on saturday and found some nice "ham-hocks" that do not have too much fat on them!!! Another heavy frost tomorrow morning but then its gonna warm up.

Nothing on TV except the "DEBATES" and I am so sick of listening to the "B-S", it doesn't matter who gets elected, they still have to work with Congress.

Hope everyone is doing OK!!!!


Lisa said...

I agree with you, I am sick and tired of hearing about the election. It was pretty chilly here this morning too and I had to let my little farm car warm up before heading to the animals. I'm not ready for this yet!!!

jack69 said...

Nobody told you you are a nice guy, huh? One thing I will never do is second guess anyone in charge of office parties, having fun or scheduling events. Glad to allow them to do it any more and know how it is to try to please everyone. Good luck at pleasing MOST! I am sure you will, or you can BS them into thinking they like it!

Go NAVY Go NAVY.. sometimes I miss it. I watched a ship in heavy seas today on a TV at the pizza hut
I remember loving it! I used to try tp picture how it must have been on the square riggers. Anyway you are a good guy Charlie Brown. Keep up the good work, especially on the weight, full speed ahead!!!!