Monday, October 27, 2008


Woke up to a nice fall day, sunny but cool, had to put on a jacket!!! Coffee and Bran Muffin for my daily fiber, pills and Fish Oil then Off to the Legion, worked on the Veterans Day program, I have been asked to speak again this year so started writing my notes, Put article in the paper for Legion on Veterans day and again this year I did my newspaper "Letter to the Editor" on "Veterans Day" and what it means for us and our community and what we owe our "Veterans"! Its hard to explain how to repay a debt to someone who gave up their life for me!!!!
Lunch with My Honey was a nice, NO FAT, NO CARB, NO TASTE lunch and dinner was a piece of "Chicken and salad and veggies" (Have to PAY for the weekend of GLUTTONY), but thankfully I did not pack on too much blubber!!!

The *Weatherman is calling for (READY) that 4 letter word--S N O W!!

Possibly a few inches but then its gonna warm up and melt it away!!

The Election is down to a few more days of B-S and empty promises !!

On the local front for the State Assembly for our little community I am doing something I don't like to do, I'm voting AGAINST some one who has ran a dirty, back stabbing, underhanded, gossipy, taunting, slanderous, shifty, campaign for election, *(HEY) wait a minute, that sounds just like the Big Boys running for president!!!!! Oh well, its almost over!!

I can't wait till the day after election, *(Everything is going to be great)! The price of gas is going to stay low, food is going to be cheap, stocks are going to soar like a bird, houses will suddenly start selling like hot cakes, their will be more jobs than applicants, Large Company Executives are going to have to account for their $900.00 dollar lunches and those $450,000.00 hunting trips to England to hunt birds, all the children in america who go to bed hungry will be fed, finally the "N" word will dissapear, Old People will be able to afford their medications and get better health care and ------*SORRY, I must of dozed off their!!!!!!

Oh well, back to reality, Hope you all have a good week!!!!!

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a corgi said...

LOL about what will happen after the election; a good dream though, but certainly not a reality

we early voted so we are all done this round