Sunday, December 7, 2008

I T ' S C O O L L D D D !!!!!

Up early to more snow, temps in the high 20's, during the hour at church at 11AM we got about 6 inches of new snow, and a nice cool wind to make it bone-chillin cold! Before church we put a big old Hambone in the crockpot to simmer.

IS IT EVER COLD OUT: Right now the old thermo-meter says 8 ABOVE ZERO: clear stary night with a half/moon. Will see if it goes below zero tonight!!! Just before dark I heard the worst racket and looked up and overhead could make out first one flock of Canadian geese flying into a westerly wind, must of been about a 100 of them and then another bunch and then 2 more bunches just a quacking and honking flying into the westerly head wind, must of been a couple hundred of them, They WERE NOT flying south, Lake Ontario is west of us so they might be heading for open water or some corn fields that have not been cut yet because of the heavy snows.

Honey cut up carrots, soaked some split-peas in ham broth, cut up onions from our summer garden, I cut, hacked and cleaned the ham bone and cup up a nice piece of fresh ham and we put the pot on and let er cook all afternoon. Dinner was delicious!!!!
Tomorrow we decorate the "Old Folks Home", the housing authority puts up a big ole tree down in the community room and the tenants association decorate it along with the dining room, main entrance and our doors. At noon we are having Chili or Soup for the building tenants!!
Enjoyed hopping around Jland seeing all the nice entries done about Pearl Harbor
Hope everyone had a great weekend, we mainly watched it snow and blow and turned up the thermostat to 70!!!


Shirl 72 said...

I don't how I missed your Journal
yesterday. I remember Pearl Harbor
I had two brothers there. Mother
had the flag that hung in the window with two stars. I remember
the air raids. I think Jack went outside and shot at the planes with
the broom handle. He helped fight the war at age 4.


Paula said...

We stayed to help decorate the tree at church today and then had cookies and coffee and visit. The sun was shining bright. Don't know if my blood could take your weather.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hi Woody, cold here today also. Not below 0 yet but single digits. I see you guys up north are below. Stay warm!

garnett109 said...

It is 26 here in Pa. Woody and I got the furnace blazing to a warm 76.

Jen said...

Hi Woody,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always nice to meet a fellow crock-potter. I love that thing !!!
I grew up in Ohio and lived in Nebraska for 10 yrs before moving to Georgia. I REALLY miss snow, but I DO NOT miss the cold.
Stay warm !

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Hello There Woody,
I always enjoy your reads. Sorry to hear it's still shedding the white stuff, but we know you, your keeping everything nice and cozy as well as keeping the tummys full. Take care of you my friend. Stay warm,

a corgi said...

69 degrees here in California but gray and overcast; wow I can't believe 6 inches of snow while you were at church! that was coming down pretty darn fast! your dinner, as usual, sounded good! I bet you are having fun decorating today :)


Jimmy's Journal said...

Wow, looks like you have a severe case of snow up there. Pearl Harbor should always be remembered as well as all the men and women of the armed forces.