Thursday, January 22, 2009


I AM TIRED!!! Well, it wasn't too bad today, a little more snow, they had to hire some men to shovel parts of the complex roof's due to the "Snow Load" Last time they shoveled here was 10 years ago, we have more snow this year than in years past, its just piled up all over and now there's not enuff private haulers with trucks to haul snow away from places like the Legion, Our Church, some business's downtown. We went up and set up church for tonights service.

Tonight was our "Prayer for Christian Unity" at church, above is Karl, Carl, Roger & myself who got to church kind of early, tuned up, went thru some new and some old songs, changed some chord keys so they would fit this finely tuned, low pitched "Bull-Frog" - "Screech Owl" voice of mine. The program included some of our area ministers, the reading of scripture, prayers for world peace, and then some mighty fine guitar pickin and singing with 4 part harmony. I have COPD and ran out of air on several songs but did my best and Roger took over where I ran out of air.

Rev. Jane, our Minister said we were going to start at 7:00 P.M. BUT, First Roger started strumming about quarter of 7, I joined in and then both Karls started and we broke into some unexpected good-ole toe tapping, hand clapping songs which WERE NOT part of the program!!!!!

We finally calmed down as I put Roger in a strangle hold after he shined the Bald Spot on the back of my head and settled in and We had a prayer of song and praise which the 4 of us always do with our wifes before we play at any gathering be it in or outside of church!! Then we went down front and the service started at 7 and we played off and on during the hour service. After the service we had a coffee hour and tons of homemade sweets, treats, cakes and cookies. Great Evening!!!

My friend Mark in Texas is holding his own, he's still managing to stay at home and taking it slow and easy and we keep praying for him and his wife!!!

My Doctor and long time friend of many, many years who has cared for me with check-ups, referrals, visits, friendship, and office follow-ups after I had 5 heart attacks, 2 mini-strokes, by-pass surgery, 12 heart catherizations and the placement of 7 stents and carotoid artery by-pass was hit with some bad news today, His wife Arlene has Cancer, she's 51, she and My Honey are very close, she has worked in his Drs. office, and been an angel to me an others all these years ! We have placed her on our Prayer Chain at church and if you could, would you Please say a little prayer for Arlene!

Also lets say a few prayer's for our new President as he starts that he goes calmly, slowly, fairly, and wisely forward as he leads our country.

Let us also never forget those serving, those who have served and those who are going to serve!!!



Remo said...

Now that's a group that just begs for some kilts! LOL

Maybe after the snow melts, eh?

a corgi said...

seems like an awesome prayer service for certainly a worthy cause (world peace and unity)

sorry about your doctor's wife; that must be hard to deal with, especially knowing so much like a doctor would know


garnett109 said...

Your Johnny Norton song brings back fine memories of my Grandmother.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Arlene.

jack69 said...

great unselfish entry. Love it. Sounds like the strings are wroking over time. I know you guys have a blast together. There seems to be so much comradery amongst musicians, 'specially guitar (pickers) players'. WE will rmember the request for prayer as well as for your health.
Stay warm,

Shirl 72 said...

Looks like you are back in full swing. The Church Service sounds awesome. We will sure pray for Arlene and keep you in our prayers. You guys look like you have a good time. Woody try and
not push yourself. The guys and Chruch need you around. You are so


Saltydawg said...

You lot looked like you were 'havin a riot'! Prayers being said for your Dr's wife. and hey, I'm glad you're feeling better too!

Bill said...

That sounds like some prayer service!! I'd like to go to one like that. I will keep your Doc's wife on the prayer list.
You made me laugh with memory. I had to get up on the roof of my Pennsylvania house many a winter and shove snow and ice off. I find it interesting that I had no sidewalks to worry about but, I sure worried about the roof.
Stay Warm.
Regards, Bill

Anonymous said...

Go Dad :)