Saturday, February 7, 2009


IT HAS BEEN COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! "YES" you can freeze it off!!!!!

Well we been busy!! We packed up My Honeys MRI's, paperwork and left for the long drive down to the Central New York Spine Center where we thought we were going to get Honey's Surgery Appointment for her back BUT, after further exams and checking we are going to have to wait and some further testing needs to be done!!!

The weather has been up and down, I talked to my brother in FROSTPROOF Florida, it was 28 degrees and a nice white HEAVY FROST covered everything, the strawberries were sprayed all night with water to ice them up to try to save them!!!! HE WAS 28 ABOVE AND WE WERE 29 BELOW???????

On a VERY HAPPY NOTE!! My son is home from Portland, Oregon and it is sure good to see him, its been awhile, REALLY IT'S BEEN too long!!!, we caught up on the news and went out to eat and just had some good times and will have some more until he goes back in a few days.

I dragged out the Banjo, Tuned the guitar and we did a little pickin and grinnin WHICH WAS GREAT and lots of fun and a Memory Maker for the old rockin chair!!!!

He is NOT enjoying our weather, this morning is was 2 BELOW Zero and warmed all the way up to 38 Degrees today, It was a long way from the record setting 29 below zero which we had to dress for to go outside as you can see.

He's a good son!! I"M PROUD OF HIM!!! He's a Veteran ! Served his country in the Army, went where they told him and did what he had to do!! AND he has manners, He can build, program and fix computers, copiers, fax machines, phones, and do just about anything he puts his mind to, Hes a good Uncle to his neice and nephew and a good brother to his sister, can ya tell I'm Proud of Him??? Taught himself to play the guitar, which he is much better at than I am and has now taught himelf to play the piano, AND he tweaked my computer for me. We are gonna hate to see him go back across the country to Oregon but that's the way it is!!!

Right now it is about 38 degrees outside and its RAINING and WINDY with southern winds at 10 - 15 mph but we are assured it is going to drop down again and get some more snow.

Tomorrow is busy, we are serving Communion with the Minister, then putting on a lunch for our new members right after church, then its a busy week, we have another lady turning 90 this week, we are having our regular monthly birthday dinner on wednesday at 7PM and I am one of the lucky ones to have a Birthday this month on the 20th and then a surprize 90th birthday party on friday at 1PM and then at 7PM Honey and I are putting on our second BINGO night which everyone is looking forward to. We are doing our monthly Stone Soup Supper at the end of the month and are going to get togeather and do a little foot stomping and toe tapping music after the dinner for the people.

We have one lady leaving for Florida next week, she is moving in with her daughter due to vision and health problems and will be sadly missed and we had another lady admitted to a Skilled Nursing Facility who I do not think will be moving back here sadly to say!!! One thing about Senior Citizen Housing is after awhile you become "One Big Family" and some one leaving effects the whole building!!!!! LIFE MARCHES ON!!!!!!!!!




jack69 said...

I love this one Woody. I was just saying to Sherry, I think it is a rule it can't get below freezing at Frost Proof. LOL.
I can't hardly imagine how much fun it must be to pick and grin with your son. That must be a wonderful feeling. I think picking alone would be great but.. It has to be so self satisfying. That is great. Sorry your Honey must wait for more tests. That seems to be some kind of rule too.
Take care and enjoy the stay, and don't break your face grinning. That is great!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hi Woody, glad you are enjoying your visit with your son! It is downright WARM this morning. I thought it was raining until I realized it was melting snow pouring off the roof! You sure sound busy with all the running around and church activities. Stay warm and safe! Linda

garnett109 said...

Woody It is going to be 50 today in northeastern Pa.

Lisa said...

It is a beauiful 60 something here in PA today. I am ready to have the cold weather over as I'm sure you are too.

How fun to be jamming with your son. I bet you do love having him home with you. You have every reason to be proud from what you've written about him.

Take good care.

Remo said...

LOL I remember living in "frost-proof" Orlando for a couple years and scraping ice off my windshield some mornings.

Papa Mema and Scruffy said...

Nice post, Woody. My son lives about twenty miles away, and comes over to St. Augustine on Monday afternoon to go fishing with me in the evening. I am thankful that he is so close by. He is my only son. A father/son relationship can mean everything. Here's hoping your cold days will soon be behind you. Gordon

Shirl 72 said...

Woody you and Honey are real
troopers. I know you had a good
time with your son. I went to
a jam session Friday and had a good time. You would not believe
how many bands we have in this
small town. Some of them have been
opening acts for the stars in
Nashville. A man 2 houses up that is the Country Hall Of Fame. He is a recluse and says he is loosing his hearing. Such a shame he want even play anymore. Looks like you're back to your busy style.


Possum S. Hemmingway said...

Well I'll be..... you can freeze yor ass off. Didn't know you played the banjo as well.


madcobug said...

I know you were glad to have your son visit for a few days. Great pictures. I hope your Honey can soon get all those test done and can get some relief from her back problem. Helen

jack69 said...

Just stopped by to thank you for the encouraging comment on Shirl's Blog. It means a lot (as you know).
Also hope you and your Honey are well today!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Boy you sure can tell he has made his daddy proud. Happy to hear he came for a visit and your enjoying yourselves. Take care and have fun