Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, all good things come to an end, we took Jonathan back to the airport on wednesday, wednesday it was wildly warm, it was 50, sunny and a beautiful day, We stopped off the interstate for lunch, it was FOGGY and instead of driving 70MPH we were down to 55 to 60 as couldn't see, got to the airport about 3PM for the 1 hour check in required for security, we left and about 45 minutes later our son called and said his flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems, BUT he did get a flight later to Detroit where he got delayed and got free hotel, free miles and vouchers as the plane didn't arive to make the transfer to Portland, Oregon, he had to catch a Red-Eye at 6am this morning and we finally got a call he was home safe and sound!!!!

It was a nice visit and a fun visit, we went out to eat, we went to my monthly American Legion meeting togeather Wednesday as he is also a member of the post and My Honey went to her Church meeting, after the meeting we set up and talked till way late.

My Son is just like his Dad, he can't move before that FIRST cup of JOE!!!! Got up and we sat around sipping coffee and shooting the breeze!! He got to see his sister, his neice and nephew and visit with some friends from around the area.

What a surprize I got, next friday the 20th is my birthday and for my Birthday my son gave me a "Telecaster" electric guitar!! *(WOW), been years since I played an electric, this is a nice piece of musical hardware, straight off the West Coast, AND he showed me how to reroute, replug and replay the guitar thru the computer, which I never would have never figured out. This young man is one of MANY TALENTS!!!!!!!!!

I get to try it out in 2 weeks as we are playing at our monthly free Stone Soup Supper as an added treat to those who show up for dinner, we are doing Old Country Gospel, country and some old favorites for music.

While here he adjusted the neck and tension on my "Old Flat Top"!!!!
I learned to play on an Old Flat top guitar must of been in the late 50's, I played guitar, my dad played at the fiddle, my son is a very good musician, all self taught.

SO we went from 50 plus degrees wednesday to thursday down to 38 and rain, then from rain to snow and now we have about 2 inches of fresh SNOW!!! Oh well, SPRING can not be far away!!!!!!

Lets never forget our Veterans and those currently proudly serving!!!

Never Forget, Remember the Vet!!!


jack69 said...

What a thrill the visit must have been. And ain't it nice sometimes they know more than you do. It makes me feel good when my boys do something I cannot do, or better than I do. I tell them it show some advancement.
Now I know doodly about guitars, cept I love to hear 'em. But my grandson who is an excellent picker, said the telecaster was 'THE AX'. So congratulations and I hope you have a ball with it, I know you will. Take care now, and surely soon you guys will get a REAL break in the weather.

garnett109 said...

I wish I was there to join in the fun.

shirl72 said...

I think you had a heat wave. It
shows you and your son had a wonderful visit. We have 5 electric guitars in our band. I
think everybody in Belmont plays.
Glad you are feeling better and
back to doing your thing entertaining.