Friday, February 13, 2009


We packed a lot into today, Up for Coffee and a fresh white new snowfall and COLD, Anna Mae off to Church and I'm off to the Legion to end the week. Done and home for a quick lunch and Anna Mae worked on our TAXES, (YUCKY JOB). I was surprized because after the "Election" I thought I was going to be rich!!! OH Well, like the song says... Some Days are Diamonds and some days are Stone!!!!!!

At 1PM we had a "Surprize Birthday Party" for one of our tenants who turned 90 today, We gathered in the Community Room and had 48 People show up to help "Mae" celebrate her 90th Birthday, AND she was surprized.

We presented her with a Card from the Tenants Association with cash, The Housing Authority attended, Our Housing Complex celebrates its 25th year of being here and Mae is one of the original Tenants, We sang her "Happy Birthday" and one of our ladies made a Big "Delicious" Birthday Cake" served with Ice Creme and a good time was had by all!!!!

We have a few ladies in their 90's plus now. In the picture above Ethel is 96, Bea is 90, Mae turned 90 today, Bonnie is 90 and my Aunt Irene is 94.

We cleaned up and we cooked dinner, I took Salmon, eggs, crackers, milk, bay seasoning and some secret ingredients and made "Salmon Patties" deep fried on the stove and Anna Mae made Cheeze topped sliced potatoes and what a feast we enjoyed, we sure are blessed!!!!!!

Then it was off to the Community Room again as tonight I put on another "BINGO" game which was well attended and a lot of fun.

Tomorrow its up early and off to the Village park for "Winterfest", Our church has a "Soup Entry" to be judged and our Youth Group made a big cardboard and duct tape whale to enter in the sled races so we wanna go and cheer them on.

Anna Mae has gone to bed and I'm heading there shortly!!!!
Hope everyone has a "Great Weekend"!!

Let us never forget our Veterans and all of those brave men and women that have served and are still serving our country, God Bless them!!


garnett109 said...

enjoy your day tomorrow

Paula said...

Happy Birthday to Mae. Salmon patties sounds so good. John doesn't like to smell them cooking so I don't.

shirl72 said...

Woody I can't keep up with you.
I think I have got myself about
that busy. Singing and Dancing
at Assisted Living Centers and
playing the piano on off days.
The Birthday I attended Sat. there
was a 99 year old lady sharp as a
tack. All my friends are in their
80's. I say to myself I am there.
The breakfast sounds delicious.
Happy Birthday to Mae. You are
doing a great service to others.
God Bless You.


Remo said...

That's a full day if I ever saw one. Hopefully Spring is (somewhere) around the corner for you folks. Stay warm!

jack69 said...

First, thanks for the understanding comment. SCares you straight when SHE says I am dying.
Anyway it is not nice to leave you Honey with the nasty tax forms. LOL
The meal sounded too good, so knock it off. I love Salmon, patties, and you got Sherry wantihng to make salmon patties, but is worried about the secret ingredients, I told her to use you sine adding receipe from a few months ago. sip to litte, mix the crackers in, sip a little, mix the egg in etc. should work.
Love you guy, The best to you all up there wehre it is cold.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for serving and supporting our military and veterans. Hooah!!!