Thursday, February 19, 2009



If you ever wondered how they plow parking lots up here heres a picture of a couple of the ( "SNO-MOVERS),

Winter can be boring, We watched it snow yesterday when we made our trek up to Indian River to Eddie's Meat Market to stock up, filled the freezer so should be good for couple months!!! The drive included blowing snow, snow drifts, white outs and driving speeds of 25 to 30 as ya couldn't see.

Today it snowed all day, all evening, winds gusted to 30 MPH and is still snowing, blowing, drifting and white outs as we drove over to the "Stone Soup Supper" which even due to the terrible driving conditions was very well attended!!! The homemade "Lasagna" was delicious.
This is a picture taken about 9:30PM tonight outside our back door!!! It keeps snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next Thursday's "Stone Soup Dinner" I am cooking Scalloped Potatoes and Smithfield Hams & a veggie for our turn at the plate and our group will be playing some Old Time Gospel music, and other favorites during and after dinner.

Tomorrow is my "Birthday"!! ( MADE IT TO ANOTHER ONE), Honey is taking me out to dinner tomorrow night DEPENDING ON THE STORM as their is a "NO TRAVEL" advisory posted and tomorrow we are supposed to get several more inches of snow, I quit counting after we reached 170 inches of snow for the season with more coming.

If we get snowed in which is not unusual in the "North Country" I finally got Jack's Book, "RAGS" and am reading when I can get it away from the wife!!!

The bright spot in all this is they are tapping the maple trees in the Sugar Bushes and sap should start running in a couple weeks then the Maple Fest in late march and then hopefully SPRING!!!

I see we are sending 17,000 more troops over seas, I think we're depleted of fresh troops here on the east coast and I see these brave souls are coming or going over from the West Coast. I know some of our local's who have been deployed 3, 4, and some going for their 5th deployment to Iraq.

I hope everyones week-end coming up is a great one.

Lets never forget our Military in our prayers and our show of support for our former Veterans!!!


jack69 said...

Man for a guy in Florida, that is too much snow to comprehend! And still coming. Hope youare able to go out for the Birthday! so Happy Birthday tomorrow.
We are all amazed at how much you guys volunteer! but I know it is appreciated, especially during those LONG winters up there. Take care and thanks for the paryers. We are well and glad to be alive.
YOu take care and keep it between the snow banks!! wow.

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Woody! I hope you and your wife are able to get out and enjoy your special day. I can't imagine that much snow in one season. The food sounds yummy now I'm hungry.


garnett109 said...

B-b 1st Bn 109th Fa. 28th division
my old unit just got settled in Kuwait and is head back over to Iraq.
Happy B-Day!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday !!!!! Hope the sun comes out for you !

C-ingspots said...

Well Happy Birthday Woody! They seem to come around sooner each year don't they?? My momma always used to say that the older we get, the faster time goes. (back then I thought she was nuts), now I can see the wisdom of her words.
Thanks for stopping by my blog...all the way from NY state - never been on the east coast, but would love to visit sometime. But sheesh!! 170" of snow!!! No thanks!! I'll just stick to my complainin' about all of our rain here in Oregon, I guess. I hope your birthday is spent with your special honey and hopefully some wonderful family and friends. Do some celebrating!!
Blessings from cingspots

shirl72 said...

believe that much snow. There you
go again talking about food. It sounds so yummy. I think you and
Honey volunteer more than I do.
You are doing a wonder service and
I know you are appreciated. God
Bless You in all your work.


Jimmy's Journal said...

Damn Woody, you're inundated with that stuff. Come on down to Florida and let's go bass fishing. Stay warm!