Monday, May 18, 2009

Madhouse Monday!!!

We woke up to a "FROST" this morning, it was 26, some of the ladies hanging baskets didn't survive the Frost. "They "Bit-the-Dust" so they say. The weekend was busy, Saturday we had a complete "Fire-Drill" complete with evacuation, our complex has 50 units and 6o residents, the alarm went in at 8AM, and in pulled the fire trucks......

Everyone evacuated the building and those who didn't come out the Firemen went in a found an they brought out either willingly or not!!!

Fort Drum sent its big ladder truck for rescue operations or air attack!!

We all went to a central staging area in the garage for a head count and the Fire Chief made arrangements with me that I be allowed to take photos of the event for reference.

All went well and every one returned home in about an hour.

That's my Honey with the Blue Sweatshirt and Cane, and some ladies who got sick of standing made it to where they could sit down!!!!!!!

Sunday was a busy day, Church was at 11AM, followed by a Congregational Meeting to review the Constitution and By-Laws that myself and others members spent the last 8 months re writing and making much needed changes, I was on the last commitee that did it 8 years ago.

Following Church and Meeting we served a lunch of "Sloppy Joes" and Desert and then had to rush home and get decked out and head for the Funeral Home as the American Legion has lost another WWII Veteran and we again went and did our Honor's for a fallen Comarade" which is always sad and it takes a lot out of me!!!! It has been busy at our funeral Homes and my left foot has 2 large blisters from marching from the Legion the 2 blocks up and then back to the Legion. Also the Fire Department was there with an "Honor Guard posted" as this Veteran was a life member of the West Carthage Fire Dept. and he was also a long time Part-Time Village Policeman, truly a man who served his community!!!!!! After our service the Veterans of Foriegn Wars Post arrived to do their Service.

I went to the Legion this morning and spent a lot of time doing records and updates to account for all the current local fallen Veterans sending in my reports and updating the Database.

On a HAPPY NOTE....It was a nice but cool day, I relaxed this afternoon by watching the birds, we were lucky to get a Red Breasted Grosebeak at the feeder ......

and the Hummingbirds are here is full force fighting each other for possession of the feeder, this is right outside our front window which gives us a great view of the feeding and also the fights.........

Dinner was early, we had Country Ham, Link Sausage, Eggs.. sunny side up, english Muffins, coffee and it was yummy!!!!

Anna Mae is off to Church for a Prayer Meeting. Her back surgery is not coming along as well as hoped for, most days there is not much change and the pain level on a scale of 1 to 10 is an 6 to 8 and she still has problems with the pain meds as they knock her down and steal her energy!!! BUT she can walk with the cane and for that we are truly blessed.

Memorial Day is fast approaching, let us not forget those who have served us so bravely, those serving now and the families of those serving who must endure the hardships of seperation and loss!!



garnett109 said...

Yes Woody My one new guinea plant bit the dust also, so tonight is another frost warning so I brought all my plants in on the porch,
God bless all of our soldiers ,sailors and airmen!
Thank you Woody For serving Old Glory!

jack69 said...

We are cool down here also, but not cold. I can see it was a madhouse up there. I didn't know fire drills were used, I think it is a good idea, even though is is a pain for some I am sure. I guess Anna wasn't too thrilled about the standing.
Sure sorry to hear how much pain is still there. That is terrible to live with.
My uncle was the last WWII vet whose funeral I attended. I loved the honor guard of his peers. I know you guys take a lot of responsibilities off the reserves, but I think it is actually more impressive when a man's peers are the honor guard.
Sorry about the blisters, but then Sailors aren't supposed to march. LOL.
Good entry as usual.
Jack & Sherry (She got here first this time.)

jack69 said...

I meant to say I don't think I ever saw a red breasted Grosebeak, looks like a big bright fellow.

Shirl 72 said...

Well you are still bizzy, bizzy
as usually. The honor guard at our uncle's funeral was very impressive. Wear the blisters proudly. HEE HEE I know they hurt.
It is cold in NC very unsually.
I am ready for warm weather.