Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catching up!

Well, it sure has been busy, I made it thru my Sunday Sermon on May 3rd, It was a simple sermon with the title "I Believe", there was not a lot of reading as most of it was preached from the heart and soul!!!! Afterwards got all those "atta-boys" and of course the ladies all wanted to give me a hug!!! It was a great Sunday!! The 'Minister" called me and thanked me for filling in and said she hoped I wasn't trying to take her place!!!

We rode up to the St. Lawrence River to Chippewa Bay where one of our past Ministers has a Camp, we had not seen him in a few years and after getting lost a little bit we got there, had a nice lunch, some great conversation catching up and an invite to come back and he gave us a key to the place and a key to his boat, he lives and preaches in Pennsylvannia now.

We spent the rest of the week getting ready for Installation of Officers at the American Legion, I made up 150 programs, we spent the day Decorating the Elks Lodge and setting up the POW/MIA table, wrote a few lines of speech as I was asked to do the "Master of Ceromonies" this year, I was asked to also do the POW/MIA ceromony which always opens all meetings and events of the Legion Post, I then moved right thru the program and awards, I was re-elected to the Post Historian and Public Relations Officer posts, Here I am with Commander Ralph on the left and our new Commander Barry on the right.

The event went well with all Officers there installed and then the Auxiliary was installed.

The Awards Ceremony was started and then I shifted gears as I am also the Photographer for all the Legion Events to record for further years viewing down the road. I took my position to take more pictures and the Commander made the Legionnaire of the Year award presentation which I photographed .

I then had my Honey take the picture of me presenting the outgoing Commander with his Picture Year Book of Events, Past Commanders Pin and a Final hand shake and Salute for a "Job Well Done".

Next the Commanders Award was presented, Then as I was waiting to take the picture for the Commanders Appreciation Award.... he called my name off which was a surprize to me, so I quickly handed the camera to my Honey who took the pictures on me accepting the Commanders Appreciation Award.

The Elks lodge which I am also a member of did a great job in the kitchen, The dinner was a very large portion of fresh, moist, delicious, cut it with your fork dark and white meat pork roast, pork seasoned dressing, taters and green beans, salad and rolls and then a very delicious cake to follow up the evening. We both came home very tired and glad and so starts another year, I have served as a past - trustee, also as Finance Officer and the rest as Post Historian which I enjoy. I have been asked by a lot of the membership to run for Commander of the Post next year but it is too soon yet to commit.

We packed the Elks Club with over 125 people and were honored that 3 of our former WWII Veterans were able to attend the Dinner,

and we also had 3 former Korean War Veterans there!!

we had all the Vietnam, Iraq, Afghan, Persian Gulf, "Veterans" in attendence also who declined group photo shots!!!!!

We packed the Elks Lodge with about 150 Members and guests for the event.

With the approach of Memorial Day we need to never forget those who have served and those still serving. We have been attending funerals this week and have 2 more to do having lost 5 veterans in a short period of time!!!!!!



jack69 said...

Woody, you do the Vets proud. YOu are a volunteering machine. I do not have one doubt you deserved the Commander's Appreciation Award.

I love the pictures. I visualize you guys younger, some carrying packs, rifles, making landings, handling ships in terrible weather and in harm's way. YOunger leaner men who risked what ever their country asked them to. The vet is the greatest.
Thanks for keeping the memories alive.
Hope your Honey is doing well.
Thanks again for always remembering the VET to all who reads.
Jack & "Sherry (She beat me here this time)

garnett109 said...

I think it would be an honor for you to be the commander, I think you'd make a great commander.

shirl72 said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the awards.
They are well deserved. Thanks for
always remembering the VET. You do the Vets proud. You do more than
your share.