Monday, June 1, 2009


Hope ya"ll down south are enjoying that there nice weather!!!! We were cold this morning, 32, Just a piece up the road in Natural Bridge, they got Hail and SNOW, also up a ways further they got more SNOW!!!! According to last years calender it is colder than usual, wonder where that "GLOBAL WARMING" is, its not around these here parts!!!!!

Quite a few people that tried to rush Mother Nature have lost there gardens to "Frost"!!!

We will have our full moon June 7th and expect it to be a cold moon so we are keeping our plants inside on the window sill where they are doing well.

The "Hummingbirds" are busy with these cold temps and are almost staying right on the feeders to eat and they come back often to feed due to the cold!!

It is supposed to warm up friday and get up to 70 but the nights cool down quickly so friday's plans call for a trip to the river for some fishing hopefully early morning while its warm.....

Hope your week started out great, I am caught up at the Legion with records and pictures and feel good about that as it relieves some stress I don't need right now.

Anna Mae's back surgery didn't change much, if anything its the same as it was before surgery or maybe a little worse.

Don't forget, June 14th is "Flag Day" so be sure to Fly-Your- Flag, we have a Flag Burning at 7PM on June 14 where we dispose of all worn, tattered and Old Flags by burning them in a flag burning ceremony which is the proper way to dispose of the flag, I think we have 8 bags of grave marker flags and 6 bags of large flags. It is a nice ceromony and an honorable way to dispose of "Old Glory"!

Still cannot upload images.!!!! GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!



garnett109 said...

I think Fort Drum Area sits on glacier, I've woken up to permafrost when I was in the National Guard .

jack69 said...

I do not know how in blazes I missed this alert. My Sherry says I don't understand you, I still don't see 'OUR' comment on Woody's 'June Snow'.
Well sweeet heart I said, I didn't know Woody got snow in June NOBODY gets snow in June.
But then I come here and here youare lying about snow in June. WOW, hard to believe. Of course we are nice and warm here. I am glad you are far from Rondout Valley. We will be there in a few weeks. Nah, I really wish you were closer, would like to take you out to supper.
Anyway you are one bizzy guy. With the Legion.
Man I hate that about Anne Mae's back. That is terrible. I am finding the same results about my ears, they are actually worse after visiting the Dr.. BUT in no way am I compairng a hearing loss to that much pain. I can't imagine haveing to live with constant pain.
Take care.
That is a very good service, taking care of the worn flags that have done their duty.
That is 'OUR' comment! LOL
Jack & Sherry

Shirl 72 said...

I would almost take snow right
instead of the rain. Jack needs
to build an Ark. It is hard to
believe Snow in June.