Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well, we have cooled down a lot, we have had several FROSTS and a few eager gardeners have lost their Tomatoe Plants, and everything else that was planted, we are waiting for the full moon around June 4th or 5th which should be the last FROST and we will plant out little garden!!!! I put some 10-10-10 fertilizer in it and mixed it up about a week ago and its ready for planting as SOON AS IT WARMS UP!! We have not been fishing as the winds are cold and out of the north with lots of rain.

We did a fundraiser Saturday at Church, we did Homemade Spaghetti Sause with sausage and meat balls, tossed salad and bread and did fair, we expected more people but times around here are tough money wise but we covered our cost and was able to give the church some money towards the roof repair job.

Last Thursday night was our "Stone Soup Supper", the menu was Polish Sausage, Saurekraut, the Polish Sausage was cooked from about 8AM till 4PM in the Juice from the saurekraut and was it ever delicious, we also served Baked Beans, and Mac aroni Salad and cakes, pies, cookies and 175 people enjoyed an evening of fine food and some good conversation.

Our Minister is going on Vacation so am busy getting some sermons written and planning a few services while she is gone.

Hopefully it is going to warm up and we can get in some gardening and do some more fishing. Hoping everyone has a great week, don't forget our service men and women!!!!!

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jack69 said...

Hail to the gardener who has patience. Down here it is not too bad to rush things but I know up there you B wise to wait. Shirl has a hundred small tomatoes and her friend gave her MORE today. She was out planting on Sunday!
Let's see I was once a preacher, here ia s good sermon... Oh wait I for got. I know you will do great. Also I know the pastor is ver grateful she has someone she can trust to fill in. She cannot,and I am sure will not, trust just anyone in her pulpit. It is an honor.
BUT I could tell her you are very very mean. you can describe food tooooo well. BTW you don't do that in a sermon do you? You could lose the congregation!!!!
Good entry. Hang in there it must turn to summer up there sometime, doesn't it?
Jack & Sherry (I know I beat her here this time, she is in bed)

garnett109 said...

usually by may 11th it is alright to plant here in pa.
but this year proved us wrong

Saltydawg said...

Frosts now? Sounds like you live in England! Even we aint getting frsot now. By the way those sausages sound delish!