Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well, we have been busy, we have gone to a couple of Praise services, and I have been playing on church every sunday doing 3 "Praise Songs" at the beginning of the service, also trying to play with the guys & gals whereever we can bring a little enjoyment to people. The "Good Book" says; "Make A Joyful Noise unto The Lord"!! Well I sure can make "NOISE", there is nothing in this quote that says "Make a Joyful Harmony" or Make a Sweet Tone", SO I have gotten over the shyness and I make my joyful noise!!!! I enjoy it, the others seem to enjoy doing it and believe it or not the people we play for also enjoyed it!!

We had a storm blow in SOUTH of us, we were lucky, it all landed below us and was a mess, this picture of these Ole Snow Clouds didn't drop us any snow, just some rain and cold weather, the cold weather is hanging on and staying cool.

Fall is a beautiful time of season here, cold but beautiful, the colors of the changing season are nice to look at and there is nothing like a nice walk thru the leaves kicking your feel and making lots of noise!!

We are lucky as we have some good musicians in church and it makes it easier to play because I can not read music and my left ear drum is shot due to too much scar tissue from drainage tubes over the years!!

Friday night we went to Watertown and went to the Urban Mission, it was a nice night and the music was great, it was from 7 to 9PM and drew a nice crowd, we had a young lad and his wife, *(The Taners) play and they were very good, I wish I had a voice like his then I could change from making a Joyful Noise to maybe some sweet harmony!!!!

There is some good news from Fort Drum, the 1st Combat Brigade IS NOT beng deployed January 1st for Iraq, that means 3,500 men and women will not have to go, hopefully soon there will be a draw down of those there and we can start pulling out!!!
Keep our troops there in your prayers!!!

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