Friday, October 9, 2009

Still Here

Hope you enjoy the song playing, "Come, Now is the time to Worship!! I like it, I spent a week trying to learn how to play it, it's a wonderful "Praise Song" but some strange chords in it hard for this "Old Blockhead" to learn but I did and I played it last Sunday in Church and will do it again this sunday!!

Fall is here, the leaves are beautiful, most high peaks in the Adirondack Mountains are past peak, here theres lots of trees that have shed most of their leaves and we are now getting a lot of rain, My Dad and Grampa used to saw winter couldn't set in until the swamps were full of water and with the rain we are getting they are surely filling up now. We have had some pretty heavy rians and winds lately!!

This picture is what most of the trees look like around here now, pretty but son to be bare and dormant, last fall it snowed on October 28th and IT STAYED until March which gave us a good 6 MONTHS OF WINTER!!!

We have already had "SNOW", not a lot but a scattering in the higher elevations and it was enough to cover the ground.

The Canadian Geese are still flying "SOUTH" and everyone has their Bird feeders filled and their Suet Feeders out, we are getting a couple of large Downy woodpeckers at ours !! The Farmers are hustling to get the Corn Silage in before the meadows get too much rain and they can't get in to cut the corn.

Deer Hunting has began, there are lots of deer and turkey around!! Right now it's Bow Season, then Black Powder, then regular rifle season!!
Tomorrow we are having "Venison Stew" here for lunch for everyone!
Would love to get me a few of these "Ringneck Phesents", like the one in the picture below, they are not native to New York and our Conservation Department raises them and releases them all over the state, a few survive but most don't make it thru the winter!!

Today was my Trip to Syracuse to have my yearly check-up for my Carotid Arteries, one side fairly good, one side developing more scar tissue from prior surgery which is not good, instead of yearly appointments I have to go back in 6 months for re-check or sooner if problems develop.

Anna's Back is still flaring up now and then and causing her some pain but she is getting used to it she says!!! Ya know how tough these women are!!!

I had the stitches taken out of my left eye lid after surgery and I whimpered and whined like a whipped dog!!!! LOL!!! who said men are the stronger sex!?????

Glad to see Jack and Sher on "Shipslog are safe and sound and back up!!

I'm glad Shirl is keeping an eye on Jack so he stays out of trouble!!! AND Lucy is also keeping tabs on him!!!
I was glad to see Jimmy's Journal give the "TAC" award to My Brain is in Pain, nice job!!!

My retired "Police Buddy" "Mark" has had a little set back out in Texas, his Cancer is back, BUT he's a scrapper and will surely lick it again so please say a little prayer for Mark and Marie out in Dallas!!!

My other retired "Police Buddy" "Nick" went to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Philly and him and Joann could also use a few good words to the "Man Upstairs" !!!

Our Neighbor "Pat" who is about my age went to the local Carthage hospital Tuesday the 6th, they shipped her out to Syracuse, she was light headed and dizzy, they found that she had "End Stage Cancer" and before they could start treatments she passed away in her sleep on the 8th, WOW!!! So quick!!!! 3 days!!!! She will be sadly missed, that is one problem living in senior citizen housing!!!!!

We have lost some more Troops from Fort Drum, hard to believe we have been in this mess for 8 years, I remember when we went into this $h1t because it was on the "Navy Birthday" Party at the American Legion 8 years ago when we started!!!! (and we are still there)!!!!!!!

I have been trying to stay UP, I have been playing the guitar and doing "Praise Songs" every Sunday at church, on the 22nd of October I am doing Chicken and Biscuits, (Home-made biscuits) and cooking enuff for 175 people as these "Stone Soup Suppers" are really feeding a lot of people every Thursday here in our little village!!!!!!! It gives those who need it a great meal and those who don't like to eat alone a chance to have some social time!!

Well, it's been a long day, started off at 6AM for the trip to syracuse so am heading for bed.


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