Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Staying busy

We have been staying busy, Today started out with my 1 mile walk on the treadmill at the YMCA while my Honey did her exercise routine to help her back, we go to the "Y" 3 days a week for an hour.
After the "Y" I went to Church and spent this morning painting a new ceiling in the entrance and then painting a large ceiling we just had done. Anna Mae is checking my "Paint Job" below!! Naturally when I got home and showered and cleaned up I had to take a "NAP"!!!

We have been busy here, the Housing Authority provided us with fresh CIDER and CIDER DOUGHNUTS and we spent a Tuesday Morning decorating "Home-made" sugar cookies, drinking cider and enjoying the morning, we had a nice group in attendance!!

The "Sugar Cookies were fun to decorate, we did it last year and this year I tried not to make a "Hog" of myself and see how many of them I could eat!!!

Halloween night we had all types of Trick or Treaters show up!!!!

These 2 tried to hide and scare the little buggers as they came to the door!!!

We treated almost 100 little ones to candy Halloween night!!
As President of the Tenant's Association one pleasent job is I get to pass out the candy and greet the little ones!!

We took time out from our Cookie Decorating to get a group photo of some of out neighbors who live here!! Stupid Computer loads the Pictures out of order, I know it's the computer and not the operator!!

We had a "Community Work-Day" at church last Friday, we stayed in the kitchen and cooked Chicken and Biscuits for about 30 "volunteers" who went out in the community and painted the local food pantry storage room, worked at several local charties and had a "Give-Away"!!

This group spent all morning at the "Farmers Market" with a free give away of very nice, almost new donated items ranging from televisions, dishes, clothes, knick knacks, towels, blankets and what have you and it was a success, it was well advertised and the items given away were sought after by many people and there was very little left to take to the "Good-Will" store. They were brave sould as it was windy, rainy and cold but that did not stop all the people coming and I brought them fresh hot Coffee to keep them warm!!!!!

After spending the day on all our projects we all gathered for home-made Fresh Biscuits with Chicken and Gravy for a late lunch!!

I close this with a sad note, for the past several days we have been back and forth to the hospital visiting friends, and praying for My Doctor who was in intensive care for days, Dr. Frank, who was a Major in the Army and a very close friend who went into private practice years ago has passed away, he was only 51!!!

My wife was his Office Manager for years before she retired. We camped with them, spent Christmas visiting them, office parties, birthday parties, cook-outs, graduation parties, we watched his 2 daughters grow up, saw him become a proud grandpa, he was adored by his medical staff and clerical staff, well respected in the community and also at the Hospital and American Legion, he leaves a wonderful wife, 2 daughters, a grand-daughter, his parents and a brother and sister and hundred's and hundred's of patients from this area who he saw and cared for, Frank, you will be greatly and sadly missed and will leave a big void in our little community and a big ole empty place in my heart!! !


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