Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Enjoying Vacation Time

We left a "Cold & Damp" New York, drove to Virginia and got on the Auto-Train in Lorton, Virginia and rode the train with our car from Lorton to Sanford, Florida, it was a fairly nice ride and us and the car arrived all in one piece, it was about 40 when we left New York and when we arrived in Florida at about 8:30 Wednesday morning it was 60, sunny and has been nice every since we got here, actually it has been "HOT"!!!

Neither one of minded the "Train Ride" as we got to Florida feeling relaxed and ready to go, we did have to strip off the Flannel Lined Pants, sweat shirts and jackets and put them away in the trunk of the car as we will need them when we get half way home next week!!

It didn't take me long to get to what I like to do best beside cook and that is fish, while anna mae unpacked the car and got our things into the house, I got the Pole and was fishing!!!!!!!

I practiced some casting and managed to catch a few "Crappie" and some "Specs" but threw them back to get bigger!!!

Fishing is almost as much fun as Cooking!!! and standing around in the sun was fun also!!!!!!!!

Anna Mae and her Mother, Irene got a chance to spend some nice time together sitting out in the gazebo overlooking the Canal behind her house and I fished it all I could as there are some nice Bass here right out the "back-door"!!!!!

We went down to "Buckhead Ridge" where we had a nice place and checked out the sights, got real cold and had to put on a jacket cuz it was down in the 60's!!! We are standing over the canal to Lock # 7 and on my favorite fishing bridge, right behind us is Lake Okeechobee behind the green knoll.

We went around the Village of Okeechobee checking out the place and went downtown to the park where they have Tanks, Military items and a nice Memorial Park for all "Veterans"!!!!!

We took a break in the afternoon and shared a nice "Ice Cold" glass of home made wine while soaking up the SUNSHINE"!!!!!!!!

We finally went Bass Fishing out on Lake Okeechobee, our "Guide" was Anna Mae's Uncle John Waite, he has lived here a while and has fished this Lake for a Long time and knows the spots to go.

All "Bass" caught out on the Big " O " have to be at least 18 inches to keep, this was one of the many we caught pictured above??? Lake Okeechobee is about 35 miles long and 45 Miles wide and in the deepest parts is about 15 feet deep. When we spent the winter here 2 years ago it was "BAD", there was only abpout 8 to 9 feet of water here in it and the fishing was bad, nobody came to fish and it hurt the economy, thankfuly this year is is almost full at 14 to 15 feet deep.

Above is our local "Guide" Uncle John and his niece Anna Mae heading out of the Canal out on to the Lake and we are MOVING!!!

Uncle John holding up one nice "Bass" he caught BUT over the side it went, this is just one of the 20 some Bass he caught!! The Lake was like a Mirro and we could see the smole off in the distance where they were "Burning" the sugar cane fields getting them ready to harvest

This is one of the 6 Bass I caught and they were sure "scrappers and fighters" which made it worth while to drag one in and not feel bad because he was short of 18 inches to keep and also not feel bad for all the ones I caught that ALMOST made it into the boat as they can sure spit out a hook!!!

This beautiful little "Fisherwoman" was the first one to catch a bass, she got 5 and also lost a few almost getting them into the boat!!!

An 18 inch Bass is big, these darlings beauties were all put back in quickly after the photo was taken!!! The totals for the day were I got 6, Anna got 5, Our "Guide" had over 20 when I quit counting, they were many, many hits which made you keep casting and reeling in to get the next one into the boat!!!

We took this Air-Boat path down one of the many canals off the Lake to see find the gators and birds and look at the flower and fauna which was fantastic!!

This "Little" beauty above was one several we saw along the banks of Lake Okeechobee and along the side canals, Uncle John said this one was about a 15 foot one, I was in the front of the boat with the camera and to me he looked like he was about 25 feet long as I got closer and closer to him before he slid off into the deep.

Hope everyone is doing great!!


Don't forget, "REMEMBER THE VET"!!! Those who have served and those serving!

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