Sunday, December 6, 2009

Heading Home

The time has come to bid "Good-bye to Florida for awhile! Have to head home, yesterday I spent all day in BED, almost went to the "Emergency Room" , my "Diverticulitis" acted up pretty bad, almost could not stand the pain BUT, some heavy duty pain killers, sleep, rest, Gatorade, Jello, Chicken Broth, more jello, more chicken broth for 2 days and tonight I feel somewhat better.

We leave for the frozen tundra's of New York State in the morning. (Boo-Hoo)! It looks like rain all along the eastern seaboard and SNOW for us at the end of the week when we get home, but we have enjoyed our break and take home many memories.

OK, Jack, you and Sher can come on down now cuz we're leavin you some space, and I think there are a few fish left.

On a "sad note I have to tell you one of my "Best Friends" in Texas, Mark who we have been praying for is losing his battle with this 3rd round with Pancreatic Cancer, We found out his loving and caring wife is calling in "Hospice"!! Must be God needs another Policeman up in heaven to help him.

Don't forget our Veteran's serving for us and remember those who have served us!

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