Sunday, April 4, 2010

What did you say?


We have been busy running to the Hospitals and then to the Funeral Homes again, First we had to go to my wifes Uncle Bob Greenwood who passed away, then we had to go for Her Uncle James Astafan. Both good honest upright men who lived full long lives.

Well, we have been staying busy, at least my Honey has been busy taking care of me, I came down with a very serious Chest Cold, Lung Infection and Sinus Infection and Ear Infection, I spent 6 days in bed, 1 day at the Doctor for some anti-biotics and 1 day at Ear, Nose and Throat, (ENT) as I could not hear, I used it to my advantage like not hearing honey tell me to "take out the trash" of "Turn the TV down", ENT set me up for a surgical procedure which I have had done 3 times before where they have to drain the infection from behind my ear drum.

There is not much they can do to help with the pain of inserting the tube thru the ear drum except to tell you to "HANG ON"!! The pain is tremendous as they puncture the ear drum and then insert the drainage tube but well worth the relief it brings, the only problem now is everything is too "LOUD"!

My left ear was plugged solid, I have some scar tissue on it from the previous 3 tubes, the Doctor was a very nice man, Dr. Hillerman, he added me to his schedule to do the procedure and did not me wait a MONTH before he could get me in which I am thankful for, Dr. Hillerman placed the last tube, # 3 in my ear which lasted 10 months before it fell out, The first tube and second tubes each lasted over a year before they fell out.


The above picture is the drainage tube put in my left ear, the white area around the plastic drainage tube is Scar Tissue which is from the 3 previous tubes.
The Tubes they insert last abut a year if you are lucky and keep them dry, use an ear plug when showering and do not go swimming and get the ear wet that has the plug in it, but its great to hear again.

On this Day we are thankful for everything we have been allowed to have, let us not forget our men and women in uniform serving.

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