Monday, January 16, 2012

Cattle Drive

I hope every one is staying warm, it's kind of cool down here in Florida but still warmer than New York,  we went to for a drive yesterday and were very lucky to come upon a real life "Cattle Drive"',  I grew up on a farm and rode horses, "Plow Horses" and during my Police career I did have a chance to ride in a mounted patrol in Rochester, have been to a few rodeos and always want4ed to be a "Cowboy".   Yesterday we say real cowboys and a cowgirl!!

We came upon 3 Sheriff's cars stopping traffic on the 2 lane just outside the village of Okeechobee and there was one Deputy on a Horse.  This area is between a residential area.

While the other riders wer moving and rounding up the cattle, about 100 to 150 of them the one cowboy rode up fast and opened a gate without getting off the horse.

With the Cowboys behind and beside them these critters were moving fast to head for the opening following the one being led in front by a cowboy who had roped one to lead the others.

The last of the "Herd" crosses the highway into the other pasture.  What a nice show.

The "Cowboys" and "Cowgirl" gather to discuss the drive afterwards.  This was really something to see in real life and not on television.  I did notice most of the cowboys didn't use their reins to guide the horses but either leaned the way they wanted to go or the horse just automatically went after one of the cattle when it broke away from the group.

Let us not forget and remember our Vets!!


jack69 said...

I always wanted to be a cow girl also. There is something REAL about cowboys. Funny thing I didn
t think too much about Florida Cowboys until spending a lot of time here.

It is nice to watch.

Enjoyed the read and love to you and your Honey!!!!

Paula said...

we had a cattle drive of sorts today just to get one large calf in the pens to take him to the auction. No horses though just John and his feet.