Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Well, the weather has been great, almost 80 and hot and sunny, the fishing has not been great, Bass and Specs are not that interested in grabbing onto thye hook.

Anna Mae is sitting on the Indian Parrie Canal, in the back ground you can see the smoke from the bruning of the sugar cane field, right behind the smoke is the Seminole Indian Casino and reservation.  No luck on any fish.

This Geeko better find a new place to call home because when I get ready to use the Gas Grill it is going to get very warm in his "house" !

We changed locations and this is the overpass from Okeechobee County into Glades County on the Kissimmee River, we were lucky as we saw 3 great big "Otters" frolic and play right in front of us which is probably why there were no fish here either!!

Well, sooner or later a fish had to come by and I was half asleep sitting on the dock when this little scrappy largemouth bass came by and put up a good fight,  after his picture and a notch in his tail so if I catch him again I know we were friends I put him back in the canal, they hyave to be 18 inches to keep down here.

Hope everyone is doing OK, I am gonna catch some fish because Jimmy from Jimmy's Journal gave me the location of a very secret spot that should prove interesting .

Let us not forget our Veterans !


jack69 said...

Man, don't hang with Jimmy, you will be in Area 51 in no time. LOL
Looks great, relaxing and fishing. Hope all is well . Love the entry. The burning looks like the Area of South Bay at the bottom of Okeechobee, I say that and Sherry says NO, the LOWER END of Okee. Not the bottom! You all continue to have a great time. Weather nice up here too.

Paula said...

Give the little geeko fair warning. It may be the one that makes the ads on TV.

garnett109 said...

Gary they ain't bitting up here either!

salemslot9 said...

maybe, you'll have
more luck at
Seminole Indian Casino

shirl72 said...

Gary I gave Jack my password and he
help fix the problem. These compters do their on thing.

Looks like you are having a good
time fishing. We are having
odd weather cold one day warm
the next day.

Please save the Geeko I love his