Tuesday, April 24, 2012



I thought we were going to get some warm weather but guess I was wrong, it has rained, gotten colder and this morning it snowed again,  this is another snow storm so this makes 2 since we have been home.

Hopefully it is going to warm up, we did have the good fortune to see a nice red cardinal at the feeder, and we also got to watch a red tailed hawk come swooping in and snatching up one of the sparrows feeding.

Well, this month is almost over and it has been so far a dry cold one to start but the end of thew month has been cold and wet with lots of rain.
We were lucky and missed a lot of this storm.

Never forget, Remember the Vet !


Wendy said...

I saw the radar this morning for y'all and was stunned!! Brrr...It was 83 here today, sunny and a nice breeze! Hope spring comes soon for y'all and it warms up too!

jack69 said...

I will not fuss again. It got down to 35 here last night and I was fussing, but I won't now. hahahahaha

Yeah, it will warm up, but I tend to say, we shoulda stayed in florida a few more weeks.

Love to you and Anna Mae!