Sunday, October 14, 2018


We live near the Adirondack and the Tug Hill Plateau, both high elevations,  White Face Mountain is 4,687 feet high,   Tug Hill Although the region has traditionally been known as the Tug Hill plateau because its top is flat, it is not a plateau, but rather a cuesta, since it is composed of sedimentary rocks that tip up on one side, rising from about 350 feet on the west to over 2,000 feet in the east. .
. This picture is up in the Mountains in a meadow where there is some new Snow and the Wild Turkeys are flocked together feeding, we have an abundance of Turkey this year ! .
. We had visitors at our Bird Feeders, with Fall coming the deer are on the move as Hunting Season has started for the Bow Hunters
. We are still Playing the Nursing Homes and Hospitals and Churches. Enjoy bringing a smile and laugh to the residents and Visitors. . .Well, it is time to go clean Instruments !. Don't forget, remember our Vets and Hope we don't get winter yet !

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jack69 said...

Yeah, you guys will get the REAL winter soon. We will gwt some winter later. You guys are appreciated by everyone in those homes, And even more so as the weather cools.