Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I"m alive

WELL, we had our Wednesday Turkey Dinner on the 19th, we had almost 50 people and a great meal and fellowship. That night following dinner at 1AM yours truly got sick, I bloated up, swelled up and puffed up, sweat, had cold chills, I mean sick enuff to go to the Doctor, off to the Hospital and tests, cat scans, pills, enema's, stuck, stabbed, poked and prodded. SO we spent 3 days in bed, went on heavy anti-biotics with pills so big ya had to choke em down and will twice a day for the next 12 days, finally up and around and moving, DIVERTICULOSIS flared up and almost killed this poor old man!!! OH WELL, made it thru thanks to My Honey's care and a good Doctor.

Missed Church on Sunday which was a bummer as it was our Turkey Dinner we put on for the membership--- but it went over great even without me!!!!!!

Weather was cool BUT it has changed, started snowing and hasn't stopped, we are in a storm watch today, tonight, tomorrow and may get up to a foot of snow.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to cook a ham in the morning and we are going to share our Thanksgiving Day with those who are going to be here alone, right now there's about 12 of us..the 7th Day Adventist Church is donating the dinners & Dessert, all we have to do is go pick them up.

If you have not read it, "STICKY" is a great book, my wife is reading it now and enjoying it!!! You can find it by going to "SHIPSLOG".
Right now its snowing and blowing that wet packy snow and it is piling up!!!!!


In your prayers dont forget our servicemen and women here and abroad!!


garnett109 said...

Have A Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow

jack69 said...

Man sorry you have been sick. Sounds terrible. Glad you are at least stirring again. I do not see how you do as much as you do, amazing. Still planning more!
Hang in there mate. And may the Lord Bless & Keep you!

shirl72 said...

Woody I told you to take care of yourself and stop working so hard.
You deserve a break but don't get
sick to take it. I agree the book
"Sticky" is wonderful. You and HONEY have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING. I am so jealous your
Post always look so good.


Debbie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Honey! I hope you feel better soon!

Paula said...

So sorry you've been so ill. Have a good Thanksgivng with your Honey and don't over do it.

betty said...

that's nice the church is donating the dinner/desserts for your fellowship time tomorrow; I'm hoping you'll feel good enough to participate in it and have fun after you bake that ham

sorry you were under the weather; sounds dreadful! glad that Honey was there to help out when she can

yep, Sticky is a good book; been reading it when I'm not reading journals

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Honey :)


Lisa said...

So sorry to hear you had diverticulosis..that can be very serious. My uncle came down with it & had emergency surgery due to the toxins. Due take care & listen to your doctor, it isn't anything to take lightly.

Sending you good thoughts & Prayers for a full recovery.