Monday, November 3, 2008

Lesson 2

Fast Freddie:

I know your feeling of frustration in trying to get some things on line, I did another set of infos for you, You have to get on line with windows, then you have to get on line again so you have 2 online sites open so you can go back and forth to your blog and the site you want to get an item from. Its simply copy and paste, *WELL, IT WASN'T THAT SIMPLE FOR ME!!! My first entry disappeared, my next one the computer lost it and then I got a simple post up and running and then just kept at it, There is not a lot to do here at the "Old Folks Home" at night and I am not a TV watcher so I sit here and plug along and My Honey sits a few feet away doing cross stitch.

You wanted to know why I Blog, its simple, I miss traveling like we used to do!!!! I get to read about different people I would not normally meet, I get to see places where people have been and I will probably never go to, when I visit Blogs I click on the people who commented, go visit there site and sometimes get back nice replys and info on them. So far I have been to ALL OVER THE COUNTRYin my ARM CHAIR TRIPS.

Hope this helps:


jack69 said...

It is true, traveling while at home is fun. I still do it and I am on the road. I think I have something in me that wants to be where I AIN'T.
Take care mate!
I like the thanks banner. Ome of these days I am going to leardn this stuff.

garnett109 said...

Hello there Woody thanks for stoping by my blog .

Then there is copy and save as picture ,thats when you try to copy and paste a picture and it won't let you, you just copy and save as picture and retrieve it to down load on your blog .
Enjoy your week woody!

betty said...

I like your reason for blogging; I like learning new things too and I joke and say I have friends all over the country I can drop in and visit if I ever travel across country :)


Indigo said...

Paul's (my other half) Mom used to live in an assisted living senior center. She loved it, as it made it easier for her to get around and meet people. I tried forever to help her get on the computer and learn how to use it. She wouldn't have anything to do with it.

Right before she passed away, I told her, "Mome there are people all over the world praying for you"...she smiled and that made her day, so much.

It also made me realize the beauty of the friendships, we share online. So many were there for me and offered good vibes and prayers. Our world is indeed broader because of our journals.

As for service...I have a SIL who is Mississippi he's being held over until after Christmas. Then he goes on to Iraq...May all our soldiers stays safe and return home. (Hugs)Indigo

Bill said...

Hello today. I was also the K-9 Commander of our department unit from 1988 to 1992. Please remember that the Coast Guard is also a member of our armed forces.
Have a great week.
Regards, Bill.

Happy Being Me said...

I love meeting or greeting new people and thank you for stopping by for a visit - I enjoyed your reads and shall return as long as you don't do any more laundry. Take care and enjoy,

shirl72 said...

I rather not talk about losing
entries. I lost 3 at one sitting.
I am not savvy like you on the computer. This is a hit and miss
thing for me. Jack said 4 weeks ago
I couldn't spell blog and now I am
trying my hand. That is not funny.
I am doing the best I can. Yours are so beautiful. Maybe I will get
better but I don't have much hope.
Thanks for stopping by my plain one. LOL