Sunday, November 16, 2008

Super DAY

Weather did not cooperate Saturday Morning, We got to church at about 6:30AM, cooked up Sausage, and the girls started cooking up Eggs and real Home fries, We started the pancakes and at 8AM in the door they came, We served breakfast till 11:00AM, all you could eat and gave out free coffee all morning, the BAZAAR went over well and the BAKE SALE and CRAFTS went flying out the door... The Holiday Parade started at 11AM and it rained Cats and Dogs on them but the kids loved it:

Church today was busy and we had a nice Coffee Hour afterwards.

I tuned up the old Guitar and at 6;00PM tonight we had a "Christan Country Chatter" at the Chatterbox Diner. We had coffee and sweet snacks of all kinds, we had the Ministers from the Church of the Nazarene, The Episcopal Church and the Baptist Minister ..a former *(USMC) (SEMPER-FI) and our UCC People and the 7th Day Adventist Church and the Methodist Church people in attendence We belted out some good uns tonight. Singing "Because he Lives" from the Gaithers to Hank Williams --"I saw the Light" and a mixture of Hymns, gospel, I did my best to blend it except they stuck my up front!!!! We had em clapping, singing, laughing, praying and enjoyng an otherwise dark damp rainy night, we overfilled the diner and glad they didn't check the occupancy load as we had 87 people packed into the little diner. It was a nice evening!!

Tomorrow I have got to get into the Legion to catch up my paperwork and then wednesday the 19th we have our Thanksgiving Dinner here at the Senior Citizen Housing!! I'm glad I like Turkey!!!!
Hope your week is a good one!


Paula said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. We had twelve people at churdh today. Six of them being minister and family. Small church, huh? It was almost full last Sunday with Veterans Day celebration and dinner on the ground.

betty said...

liked the pictures!! sometimes the best events happen in the rain; what a great joint adventure at that sing along with all the different churches attending!


jack69 said...

I can't believe the food you are around and also cook. No wonder you say it is hard to lose weight. Hope you are still hanging in there. Sounds like a great time. Enjoy it, You will be a senior soon!!!! LOL Take care I enjoy the Blog.

garnett109 said...

Woody it sounded like a good time was had.
Enjoy your week

shirl72 said...

You work, work, work either cooking
or entertaining. You do a good
job. Like the pictures. God
Bless you for all your time you give helping others.


Constance said...

Good Tuesday morning to you, Mr. and Mrs. Woody !

I liked how colorful you made your posts by changing the font colors like that. It is very attractive.

After reading through a bit of your posts, I think you might really enjoy a blog called 'Sarge Charlie'.

He is also loyal Vet, and has a great blog. It can be found at, and his wife is "Empress Bee of the High Seas" and she has a blog as well :)

If you are in New York, I just had the treat of visiting there in April because my Uncle lives on the upper east side :)

It was a pleasure to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I wrote a bit on my blog about it (and the yummy places I got to eat at for afternoon tea and dinner...)

Hope you have a good week, and enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays :)

Loving Annie

Superstar said...

I want a nerf blaster..and since I read your post, I now am hungry for a country style breakfast.
*rubs belly*

Jimmy's Journal said...

I see you're playing a twelve string. It's been years since I played one but I always enjoyed the sound.