Friday, January 2, 2009

Winters Back!


garnett109 said...

And Cabin fever too!

Saltydawg said...

Woody, Happy New Year to you mate! Winters back here too, in fact it's never left!

betty said...

I have sad news for you, in case you didn't realize it, winter just began 12/21; you have many more weeks of this I fear; but we had a lovely day yesterday at about 75 degrees and sunny, but rain today; so I guess winter is back for us too

seriously; stay safe and take care of yourself and Honey


shirl72 said...

Wonderful news about Mark. God is
good. The weather oh my goodness
never been in weather that cold.
Woody you and Honey are wonderful
people you give all to help. As
my brother will tell me when I try
to be good. More stars in my crowns. I don't know if you know
Jack is my brother. A pain in the
rear. Pray for me in 2009. HA HA


Helen said...

You and your Honey sure found a cold enough place to retire to. Good for your friend Mark. Getting better. I will send up prayers for him. Sounds as if still has a way to go for a completely recovery. Have a great Thursday and enjoy those Bingo games when you start playing them. Helen