Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winters Fury

January sure has shown Winters Fury!!!,, down to 24 below zero, up to 5 below zero, back down to 18 below, then we got about 1 1/2 feet snow!!!

DRs. said rest, relax, SO I am spending my time in bed, sleeping, taking meds, breathing treatments, and resting!!! The bitter cold is worse on me this year for some reason!!!


But am getting better , We have Community Prayer for Christian Unity on Thursday the 22 and I have Bingo scheduled for the Tenants here on the 23rd and Surgery on Feburary 2nd,
Lets never forget our Veterans ...


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Woody, I sure hope you are feeling better soon and ready to kick butt!

Lisa said...

Woody, it's good to know you are getting better. You really do need to listen to the doctor and rest so you can get better and get back at it.

Those temperatures are just sick. I am looking forward to spring!!!

Paula said...

So glad you are resting and relaxing. Keep doing it and feel better.

betty said...

glad you saw the doctor; now make sure you follow his advice


Remo said...

I hesitate to mention it was 75 degrees today in Phx.

Oops. I guess I just did. Sorry.

Get better and take it easy for a change.

garnett109 said...

I have copd Woody and this cold weather is putting a beating on me also this year.
Glad you are all right now.

Saltydawg said...

This cold seems to be kicking some butt this year, I hope you feel better soon mate.

Bill said...

My Friend, That was a very interesting picture you sent me and I agree about the use.
I'm also glad to hear that even in the extreme cold you are feeling a bit better, Do what the Doc says,
Regards, Bill

shirl72 said...

Woody I hope you are feeling better. You need to get some R & R. Stay out of the cold weather. Take your meds and listen to your Dr. You have time to get back to your routine.


jack69 said...

You type pretty dangged good fromt he bed. ah Ha! now get in the BED!
good entries. At least you must be feeling some better that is good.
I CANNOT imagine that kind of cold.

Helen said...

That is some cold weather you are having now. Glad I don't live there. I pray that the surgery turns out well and that you are safe through it all. Helen