Sunday, December 27, 2009

A New Year

We hope everyone had a "Great Christmas" and wishing you all a "Fantastic "New Year"!!!!

Christmas Eve we ushered and served for the 7PM and 11PM Church Service and at Midnight I played "Silent Night" on the Guitar joined by my son Jonathan as those attending left by Candle light, it was a very nice service with Communion and song. We got home tired and went nite-nite!

Christmas Day started out early, and quietly with just the 2 of us.

We left the house and headed up to Church as the family was having dinner together, there is not enough room here to seat everyone so we used the church kitchen, I cooked a 15 pound turkey, a 8 pound "Smithfield Ham", Anna Mae and I did sweet and white potatoes, squash, stuffing and my daughter Sabrina brought desert.

Our Son Jonathan and the Granddaughter Shannon were in charge of opening the "Homemade" Christmas Wine which was a nice aged White Zinfandel made for me by an Old Marine from the Legion.

It is not every husband who goes out of his way to buy his wife and sweety a "Brand New Frying Pan" for Christmas!!!

My son-in-law Ed, grandson Brent, me and Son Jonathan resting after a full bellyfull of "Christmas" food!!! Brent is 8 years old, 103 pounds and wears a 7 1/2 sneaker, I think he takes after Grampa!!!

Santa was good to me as he left me a new "Norelco"

The "Grand-Children, Brent and Shannon relaxing after the meal!

When coming back from Florida we stayed at a Motel and my Honey loved the Comforter on the bed so she made a note of the make and brand and company and when we got home she ordered it, Its nice on the bed when its below zero outside.

We cooked the Christmas Feast early Christmas Day and had everything ready for when the family came!

We all enjoyed our meal and good time togeather Christmas Day!

Don't forget our Veterans!

It is sad to report the Passing of the following this holiday period:

Richard Odette, USN 12/22/09
Vietnam Veteran Cady Buckley, 12/24/09
WWII Veteran and Former POW Andy Miles, 12/25/09

Andy was captured during the fighting of the Battle of the Buldge.

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