Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nashville Grand Old Opera

Well, we have traveled south and ended up in Nashville, what a place, we have been here a few days and are enjoying the sights.
Anna Mae and I on Stage at the Grand Old Opera at the Old Ryman Theater.
This is some of the many displays we looked at.
Howdy Partner!!!
My Nashville Sweetheart !
Operyland USA ! ! !
Looks like 2 Country Music Stars!!!
Back Stage at the Ryman!!
My Grand appearance on state where I sang and played "I saw the Light" !!

We had a wonderfultime in Nashville and this area but its time to head further South. Hope everyone is doing OK and getting ready for the Winter.
Never Forget, Remember the Vets !!!


Paula said...

Wow two Nashville stars,even on stage. I think that is so exciting. Have a good New Year!

salemslot9 said...

I lived in
Clarksville, TN
for a year
long time ago
wish I'd visited
more tourist sites