Friday, September 15, 2017

Set Back

Well, after my last Heart Catherization I thought things were going OK, well, I ended up going over to the ER and the Doctor sent me back to St. Joe's in Syracuse.  I went by Ambulance in a Quick trip, got there and saw my old friend Dr. Caputo, he decided to go back in and check the heart pressures.
I was given more blood thinners, Hepburn and thought maybe they were going to cath me in the morning.   
I settled down and got my heart regulated and was resting when about 5PM in came the team and down I went for my Heart Cath !!
I was in the operating room form about an Hour!!!!
Well, I am now home, resting and have to go for Cardiac Rehab 3 days a week starting the 22nd!       Hoping things progress smoothly.     
Glad everything in Florida is calmed down and also Texas now if we can get the Fires under control !
Remember our Veterans, all Past and Present !!

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jack69 said...

We run down to Florida to check it all is well and you go back to see the Doctor.
Sorry to see this, 'probably' not as much as you LOL. Hope the recovery is fast and you are back aggravating Anna Mae.
Prayers and good thoughts pointed North to you. (And Mrs Anna Mae!)