Thursday, November 20, 2008


Cold day, high of 35 degrees, but the snow fell south of us!!! They got 3 feet of snow, glad it was there and not here again!!! Yesterday*(Wednesday) we had our Turkey Dinner & all the trimmings & Desert. Our building has 50 Units, we had 46 for dinner in the community room, Great Meal. Everyone assured me they got plenty to eat, then tonight, *(Thursday) we had Turkey Left -Overs and everyone ate their fill again. *(SO MUCH FOR DIETING FOR SURGERY) ***(Burp)***

Sunday Morning at 8am I'm cooking 3- 20 Pound Turkeys and making gravy and the Chrch Members will be bringing the fixings and deserts for a nice dinner at 3PM. The left-over turkey will be frozen and I will use it to make Soup for the Christmas "Hanging of the Greens"!

On Thanksgiving Day I am cooking a Ham here and we are going to share Thanksgiving with the residents here that are going to be alone and we will pick up the Turkey Dinners at the 7th Day Adventist Church who have donated the meal!!

26 years ago Today I lost my Father, He was born in 1908 and passed away at age 74. He was a good man, worked for the same company for 44 years, I cannot remember him ever being sick or missing a day of work, Dad worked as an Operator at a Hydro-Electric Plant on the Black River, Dad worked shift work, 7-3, 3-11 & 11-7 and it was not uncommon for him to take one of us boys with him to work. He married a young lady who was a neighbor.

He built our house in the country, the foundation for our house came from stone from the lot, the well was hand dug, cut the logs that framed in our 2 story log house with a garage and out-house with the help of neighbors and bartered work with others. He put in a big "Kalamazoo" wood and coal stove and cut his own fire wood and trucked his own coal in the trunk of the car. The house was finished after the birth of the the 3rd child and along came 5 more for 8 of us!

Life was good, we all survived.


Paula said...

Interesting story about your family. I always love to hear stories about other's families and like the old pictures too. My deceased husband went to school all twelve years without missing a day or being tardy. I still have his certificate.

jack69 said...

This great Woody. My dad was just five years older than your dad. I love the story of the house. I find it easy to build with today's tools. For a long time I thought anyone could build a house, but learned better. It takes a lot of strength, will power, commonsense, ability and you must have guts to attack a task that large. My hat is off to him. Great memories.
Sherry and I read the blog regularly, we both have one complaint, YOU ARE TOOO GOOD AT DESCRIBING FOOOOD!
Love it. keep it up.

a corgi said...

what a wonderful tribute for your father; its hard when our parents pass, even though its been 26 years, I know you still miss him; what a wonderful legacy he left though :)

sounds like all wonderful ministries you are doing for Thanksgiving; pre the day and then on the day itself!! a good faithful servant for sure :)


Loving Annie said...

Good Friday morning to you, Woody. Why are you tired Sad ? Is it because of remembering your Dad ?

3 feet of snow in ONE day ? Shudder. Very good it was south of you and not in front of your driveway :)

Ham sounds good for a change for Thanksgiving dinner. Sharing your dinner with the residents who are alone is a nice thing to do.

Your father sounds like he was a good man. There should be more born like him what that kind of work ethic today... You certainly had a big family, with 7 siblings !

garnett109 said...

great tribute to your dad.
I think i'll have ham on thhanksgiving with all this turkey flying around on the blogs.

Shirl 72 said...

Woody what a sweet story about your DAD. Hard work came easy for
him a very smart man. He knew how
to provide for his family and what
a good example to leave for his family. You work to hard, why not
take a break but I know you love it. I wish you would not describe
what you are cooking it gives me a
quilt trip because I don't cook much anymore but did love it once.
If I can get the bus I will be there for THANKSGIVING and may pick up a few on the way there.
HAVE FUN I know you will.
God Bless


Heli gunner Tom said...

I really like your style and the sharing of your family history! My dad died at age 74 too, and he was a hard as iron Navy man. I joined the Army in 21 Aug. 67 and served 2 tours in Vietnam, helicopter door gunner-- what a rush! Woo Hoo!

Good to be retired , huh?

I miss your comments on my Journal.
Be safe.

Disabled Veteran: 68-70.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Great post Woody! I miss my father as well and it's nice of you for remembering him.