Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well, its time to leave Florida and Head for the Frozen North Country and waste land of Northern New York, It sure has been fun down here!!

Not that I like to fish but this is what I was doing while Anna Mae was unpacking the car when we first got here in Okeechobee!!

It was a good thing I caught that fish because this "Alligator" came up the canal behind the house and I am sure I saved its live by removing if from the water and putting it back in the water away from where the gator was.

I pleaded with my Honey that I should stay in Florida and help keep the "Senior Citizens" in shape and amused while there!!!

I could do Missionary work here helping people understand the evils of living a "Fast Life"!!

The "Famous" Hog's Breath Saloon, smells a lot like a Urinal!!!!

The "Beaches" are beautiful in the Florida Keys!!!!!

As its only 90 miles to Cuba does not seem all that far away!!!!!!

"Tiki Bars" are nice if you have a lot of money to get rid of as you pay for "atmosphere"!!!

You can't get lost as there is no farther to go once you get here unless you can walk on water!!!

Ft. Pierce where the UDT and Navy Seals started training, awesome museum and items of interest!!

A Nice glass of wine in the afternoon to relax and soak up the sunshine and warm weather!!!

Fort Pierce, Florida

Ft. Pierce Beach was nice, quiet but no swimming due to rip tides that day!!!!!

RAIN!!! who cares, it was warm and the fish were biting, big and small and it was time to pack the car and head for home!!!!!!!!!!!!
The trip home was nice thru Florida and Georgia, we went to pants and shirt in North Carolina, put on our coats in Virginia where we saw a "little snow" and up in Pennsylvania it was rain and fog as thick as pea soup, In New York State it was cold and when we got to Carthage we had SNOW, LOTS OF SNOW!!! and it is still snowing!!! This is our entrance way!

It has snowed and blowed all day, we have snow forecast for today, all day Friday and also for most of Saturday, its supposed to quit snowing for awhile on Saturday, sure is coming down, white outs from the blowing snow and high winds have caused power outages and lots of accidents so there is now a "No Travel Advisory" posted by the Sheriffs Department.

In between white outs and blowing snow it quit for a minute, sure can't wear shorts, sandals and t-shirt here now!!!

Don't forget our Veterans!!!!!!!!!!

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