Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Friday night we had Bingo, we had a large turn out and enjoyed a Friday Night Bingo Night here while watching the Cold Weather outside.

We talked a lot about the fact all of "OUR SNOW" and "WINTER" was hitting well SOUTH of us, It was nice to SHARE our typical North Country storm with others who usually don't get much snow so we all up here hope everyone down there enjoy the Beautiful "WHITE STUFF" and the cooler temps that go with it!

Sunday we enjoyed our Superbowl Party, We had dinner at 5PM, we had Scalloped Potatoes, Clam Chowder, Baker Beans, Pasta Salad, Chicken Wings, Meat Loaf, Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, Chex Mix, chips, finished eating and cleaning up and then settled down with some refreshments and out came some more "SNACKS" for Super Bowl, We had lots of food and enjoyed watching the game, a good time was had by all.

Well tonight (Wednesday) was our monthly Birthday Party here at West Side, We celebrated 3 birthdays tonight. One of them was MINE! I was born on February 20, We had a nice time tonight with a Pizza Party, Everyone who signed up paid $3.00 for Pizza and Soda and we had almost all the residents here except sad to say we had 4 of our residents go in the Hospital in the last 2 days.

Senior Citizen Housing is nice, the bad part as that it is hard to watch some of our friends have to be taken out and taken to the Hospital as they are part of our Family here.

The Pizza came from the local "Nice & Easy Store" and was good and there was plenty of it.

There was plenty of Soda and we also had a nice big "Tossed Salad" to enjoy with the Pizza.

Everyone enjoyed sitting around and for a treat we were having "Music" after dinner.

Karl, Me, and Roger got together after Pizza, Karl and Roger set up the equipment and we played for the folks, The Group is called "The Friends of God" and they let me play with them and there are different people who also play when someone is not available.

The Tenants enjoyed themselves sitting and standing around listening to us sing and play.

Tonight we played not only Gospel and Praise music but also some country.

Even if they look serious in the pictures we did get them to sing and clap and enjoy themselves.

When My Honey takes the camera out all of a sudden everyone stops and takes on that serious look!!

Everyone had a good time and we enjoyed playing!!

Don't forget to Remember our current Service men and women serving our country and don't forget to thank a Vet for their service!!


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