Sunday, March 15, 2009

S P R I N G ?

CAN IT BE HERE????? I hope it's coming, I'm sick of WINTER!! I managed to get thru all the 29 below zero weather, the wind chill's of 35 below zero, snow banks taller than I am and then thursday the 5th of March I got that #$%^ "FLU BUG"! I got my flu shot last fall, BUT the "Flu Bug" I got isn't one the shot protects ya from,

Thursday I went to bed, cough, hacking, nose plugged, cold sweats, got up once for a nature call, back to bed and got up friday, still sick and sore and went to the Doctors for some heavy duty Meds to try to knock this thing out, saturday was mostly in bed and up and in the recliner.

Today was a long one, I did get dressed and made it to church, the wife and I had to put on the coffee hour and I had part of the service to do, I took my box of kleenex with me!!! Lucky for me we had another couple show up and help us so I got to sit until it was my part of the service to do and I managed to get thru it!!

The Canadian Geese are still flying thru and stopping over on their way north, theres some more buds coming on the trees, BUT, still have not seen a ROBIN yet!!!!!

The sugar bushes are busy now collecting sap and boiling it down into golden Maple Syrup, we are waiting for March 27.

March 27th is the Maple Sugar Fest held in the Croghan Maple Museum. The Place is a museum showing the History of Making Maple Syrup, forestry, managing a sugar bush, and antiques to modern day methods of sugaring, It starts at 7AM, people line up about 6:30AM and wait in line to get in, and once inside you get to wait for a place at a big long table in a room that holds about 75 people then you are seated and then the MAJIC!!

They first bring you a fresh hot pot of coffee, a picture of orange juice, THEN a huge plate of Pancakes, a platter of smoked sausage, not pork sausage but a very tasty sausage between smoked and polish sausage, very tasty!!! and the eating begins, ALL YA WANT!!! My best is about a 2 dozen pancakes and 9 links of sausage covered in real butter and fresh Maple Syrup then I waddle to the car so the wife can drive me home for the recliner, glad its only once a year!!!

I like the Kitchen, they have 3 large grills, they cook about 50 pancakes on a grill, one man does nothing but pour batter, the next man comes thru and flips them, then another man comes thru and piles them high on platters and sends them out to the dining room, another 2 griddles do nothing but cook sausage, these men have a system where they cook from 7AM straight thru to 11AM with the dining room full all the time till 11AM when they shut the doors and feed the line still in the building!!

Well I hope everyone's upcoming week is a good one!!!

Let us keep our Service Men and Women in our Prayers!!


Paula said...

Oh wow! I might could eat three pancakes and two pieces of sausage if they aren't too big. Boy they have that cooking down to a science, don't they? Sounds great and I hope you completely well soon.

jack69 said...

Man you do more food. Describing and eating. I do love real maple syrup though. One day I would like to see how it is all done. TGhe breakfast sounds WONDERFUL PANCAKES are among my favorite food when cooked right. I prefer them a little tough (?) not actually like cake, if that makes any sense. I do hoe you are getting rid of the bug, that is miserable. Spring has got to SPRING soon.
Take care mate.

garnett109 said...

Have A Great Saint Patrick's Day Tomorrow!

Jimmy's Journal said...

With all that snow you've been through this year, you deserve to see a robin soon. Feel better.


shirl72 said...

Hope Spring get here soon and you
get to feeling better. There you
go again making me hungry. You
make it sound so good. I can just
taste the pancakes. Save some for me.