Friday, November 20, 2009

My Dad

Today's entry is in memory of my father, John Ellsworth Wood who passed away 27 years ago today, Father passed away just before Thanksgiving in 1984, he was a good man, a hard worker, a slow, methodical man, raised on a farm, built his own house, (Log Cabin) just a short ways from the farm he grew up on and raised a family there.

My father was a family man, he raised 6 boys and 2 girls who all went on to raise families of their own and Dad was a proud and excited "Grand Father" and we all made sure we made treks home with each and every Grandchild to meet "Gramps".

I was only 35 years old when my father passed away, it was a very hard time for me and a hard thing to accept and sometimes it still is, I have a son and daughter, granddaughter and grandson but I think as the generations come the closeness somehow fades, at least in my family.

I would have loved to have the relationship with my son that I had with my father and also my grandfather, both great men in my eyes, at least my father got to see me live my dream of becoming a Policeman, and I have the memories of going home and sitting with my dad and just talking and visiting about anything and everything.

I am still kind of angry that I did not have more time with him but that was not my call, I think God wanted someone interesting to talk to and add to his flock so he called him home!!!!!!!

Well, I have layed low, am taking massive anti-biotics, resting but things must go on, Thursday night was our "Stone Soup Supper, so Dan and Ginny and Anna Mae and I started out early Thursday morning cooking.
Dan and I fried up about 20 pounds of nice lean hamburger, we fried up some onions sprinkled with garlic, we opened up the kidney beans and rinsed them in cold water and then started mixing the "Chili", ( Ginny and Anna Mae hand crushed the whole tomato's), we put the meat, onions, hand crushed tomato's in 2 large broilers and and a big army kettle, we added tomato puree and some tomato juice, and started to let it simmer, putting in secret ingredients in later.
*(When I say WE, Dan did all the lifting, carrying and moving of anything heavy) as this old body just barely could move!!!!!!!!
The "Chili" simmered for about 5 hours, at 3PM we put on 2 pots of water and cooked over 100 all beef hot dogs and stacked the rolls.
Anna Mae and Ginny took care of the desert table which was full of cake, brownies, homemade pies, cup-cakes and cookies brought in by our church ladies.
We had Sandy and her daughter Jill show up to help the 4 of us and at 4:45 P.M. we opened the doors and in they flocked for a nice delicious dinner, everyone said what a treat it was to have Chili as it was cold out side and a cold drizzle of a rain coming down.
I got the chance to sit and visit with some friends while the others covered the chow line and served people.
We served close to 90 people not counting the ones who came back for 2nds and thirds of the Chili and all agreed it was delicious.
I was slow working, did have a couple bad spells but managed to make it thru the day and evening, we got cleaned up and were home by 8PM, I took my pain killers, drugs, anti-biotics and I went to bed.
HOPEFULLY ON MONDAY, Good Lord willing and the Creek don't rise, we head SOUTH.
We are heading for Lorton, VA. to take the auto-train to Florida, then hopefully depending on how I feel and how Anna Maes Back is we want to head up to Newton, NC to visit friends and then head out to the Outer Banks of NC and then work our way home.
Don't forget our men and women in uniform serving for us this Thanksgiving so we can enjoy all our freedoms and families!!!

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