Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sick Puppy for sure, after church Sunday, I got the worse pains an cramps in my abdomen and stomach and ended up in the emergency room, I have diverticulitis, (Inflammation of large Intestine), it has not acted up for about a year, I am VERY, VERY careful on my diet.

I ate something that attacked me, after the nurse stabbed me 3 times to get an IV into my right arm she quit, then the male nurse came in and after stabbing me 2 times in my left arm he got a 16 inch needle about as big around as my thumb into a vein in my arm, started a dose of heavy duty antibiotics and then the Doctor came in, touched my abdomen and stomach at which point I YELLED....(OUCH).

He then gave me a shot of Demerol *(Happy Juice) and I felt like I drank a quart of Whiskey, Anna Mae said I was acting LOOPY!!!

After 8 hours in the ER, pumped full of anti-biotics, put on some pain killers my Honey brought me home!!

Bed rest and Pills, more pills, and more pain killer pills, NO FOOD!!!! Chicken Broth, Tea, Apple Sauce, jell'o, milk toast, and GRITS and I have used 25 rolls of toilet paper!!

Nice thing if you can call it that is I have lost about 12 pounds!!!!!!

I see the Doctor tomorrow at 2PM, hopefully everything is going OK and I can EAT FOOD!!!!!!!

AND we can leave for Florida for thanksgiving on Tuesday, we have tickets for the Auto-Train from Lorton, VA to Sanford, Florida on Tuesday at 4PM!!!!!

Sure hope I can hear that Conductor yell "ALL ABOARD"!!!!!

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