Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Veteran"s Day arrived, we met at the Legion at 9:30 AM for Coffee and Doughnuts, we got flags, rifles, ammo together, Color Guard assembled and we "Marched Off" at 10:45AM for the 10 minute march to our Monument, we met the VFW at Monument Park for our 11AM Service.

We have an impressive Honor/Color Guard but had one short and had to have a fill in for today.

While attempting to get the above photo of some of our "Sailors" we were attacked from the rear by the United States Army and and savagely and viciously grabbed by the neck to mess up the near perfect picture!! Lucky he had his cover on or his "Bald Head" would have caused some camera glare and ruined the picture more then he did!!!

Above photo of our (Army) Honor/Color Guard while missing one who had to work on Fort Drum today was filled by one of our Sailors, Thanks Richard!!

The program, prayers and readings were done by Navy Veteran and Post Adjutant Mastin, Army Veteran Tallman, Navy Veteran and Post Commander Miner, Auxiliary President Mandy, Army Veteran Kuhar, and Navy Veteran Chief Genter. They did a nice job and was well received by the crowd.

These 3 above are some of our "Vietnam Veterans", the other Nam Vets there declined the photo op!!

Above is part of the Crowd and Veterans assembled.

This picture above is "Veteran's " of WWII, Korea,
Vietnam, Persian Gulf.

The Crowd enjoyed the Balmy 50 degree temps and the sunshine, last year it was cold, windy and Snow covered.

The "Navy" finished the program with "Honors" and laying a Wreath at our Legion Post done by these 4 Sailor's.

Following the Services we went back to the Legion for Lunch, Shown above are Legion Member Veterans from WWII, Korea, the lady on the right in back just returned from Iraq and is Joining our Post.

The man in the cap and plaid shirt is a friend of mine, it's Mr. Baker, a WWII Veteran who was a Turret & Belly Gunner, and Tail Gunner on the those Old B-52's, His flight record is awesome, *(I have seen it), and as the Post Historian he has given me some of the most awesome photos I have ever seen of "Air Battles" he was in and pictures of the Shot-UP planes he was in that limped back to base!!! Simply Awesome!!



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