Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Mail Call

My Honey drove over to get the Mail, we do not have home delivery here, the Post Office is about 4 miles from here, they bring our mail over and put it in Mail Boxes in the Village Offices and we get it there from an old fashioned lock Box.
Well she yelled as she came thru the Door, "What did YOU order from Amazon ???   I had no idea what she was talking about and said that I had not ordered anything, she then held up a package  and said someone is !!
She handed me the Package and we opened it and "SURPRISE", there was a Book from Jack Darnell, it is "Johnny, The Trail and Trials", what a nice surprise and gift !!!
Well, Today will be a Nice R & R day in the recliner with my book !!
Don't forget our Veterans as we approach this Memorial Day !

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jack69 said...

My girl said: WE didn't leave a comment on Woody. YES we did! Sometimes I must close out the comments wrong and they don't post or something.
Anyway glad you got the book and hope you enjoy it. I will check closer to see if the comments make it. LOL
Love to you guys up there.
Sherry & jack